El Pollo Rico: Arlington, VA

This place should be called Super Pollo a la Brasa, but that is probably a bit too long. Let's stick with Super Pollo. Either way, this is some seriously good Pollo.
Super Pollo is one of the most popular Pollo a la Brasa joints in the DC Metro area for good reason: it is crazy good. Thier Pollo sets the bar for many in the area. What sets this place apart for local compeitors like El Pollo Rico is the number of sides. Where other Pollo a la Brasa joints focus on just a few simple side items (such as the insanely delicious fries at El Pollo Rico), Super Pollo has Fried Rice, Plantains, Mashed Potatos, Chicke Peas, Yucca...we could go on. Bring you appitite to this place. Come to think of it, bring a few friend's appetites as well.

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