ajiAji is the Peruvian Hot Pepper and is usually the one constant in all good Pollo a la Brasa recipes. Aji is simply the peruvian word for chili so you can imagine this is a pretty broad category. Any pepper or pepper derivative claiming to be 'Aji' is undoubtedly grown in Peru. Flavors range broadly from fruity to pungent. Also, when the Aji was harvested also greatly affects flavor. The varieties are as follows:

Capsicum baccatum: Aji Amarillo

  • Aji Ayucullo
  • Aji Colorado
  • Aji Cristal
  • Aji Cusqueno
  • Aji Escabeche (another name for aji amarillo because of its use in escabeches)
  • Aji Flor
  • Aji Habanero
  • Aji Limon
  • Aji Mirasol (aji amarillo dried and sometimes charred)
  • Aji Mono
  • Aji Montana
  • Aji Montesino
  • Aji Norteno
  • Aji Orchid (another name for aji flor)
  • Aji Oro
  • Aji Panca
  • Aji Portachuela
  • Aji Rojo (red)


Capsicum annuum: aji picante

  • Aji Pinguita de Mono
  • Capsicum chinense: Aji Pucomucho
  • Aji Panca
  • aji dulce


As for products, Aji is available in pastes and powders of varying strengths and flavors. Use you tongues here people. Before you add anything to your Pollo, taste it first. For instance, many of the pastes taste quite fresh but also have a 'brininy' taste as they use salt as a preservative. As a reult, you may want to use a little less salt in your recipe. In our recipes, we note this fact frequently. Basically, the Aji, how much is used, etc. is generally the 'secret ingredient' most Peruvian's get excited about when they talk Pollo a la Brasa.
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